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Hertz Electrical Contractors specialise in home automation. A smart home is a safer and more secure home. You control and program all your home or business equipment remotely from a smartphone or a tablet using our installed solutions.


Returning home from work early? Adapt your temperature settings for ideal comfort when you arrive. Do you want to keep an eye on your home? Monitor the activity inside your home and receive alerts in the case of any incidents. Wherever you are, and at any time, remain in contact with your communicating home!

We offer solutions for intelligent lighting. Turn all of your lights off with a single motion, adjust lighting intensity with a dimmer, automate the lights inside and outside your property. With our home automation solutions, you can simply manage your indoor and outdoor lights for improved comfort, convenience, energy saving and security. Thanks to wireless technology, our lighting products are wireless so their installation produces no dust and causes no damage to interior decoration.

Effortlessly combine comfort, cost and energy saving with our smart heating solutions. Whatever heating method your home has, electric or hot water, our heating management products allow you to optimise the temperature of your home based on your lifestyle and save on your energy bills. Energy management, programmers and thermostats can all be installed in new builds and older homes. Wherever you are, at home or work, our solutions will allow you to remotely control your equipment using a mobile or a tablet.

Do you want to motorise your roller blinds? Do you want to make your gate or garage door automatic? We can offer simple and intuitive openers to increase comfort and security, while saving energy. No more need to walk around your house, you can program your roller blinds to open when you wake up. Eliminate the need to get out of the car, because your gate and garage doors open remotely with your keyring remote control. You can save time on daily activities, with home automation simplifying your life.

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