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Underfloor Heating Installation


Your reliable and trustworthy underfloor heating installers


Electric Underfloor Heating Installers in Rugby & Warwickshire

Are you looking for a professional team to install your underfloor heating system? Get in touch with the team at Hertz-Electrical.


Here to help you warm up your home


Hertz-Electrical is a team of highly skilled heating technicians who are able to install underfloor heating for customers across the Midlands. Working with external builders and flooring contractors, our technicians specialise specifically in the installation of underfloor heating in homes and office spaces.


The benefits of underfloor heating


If you are looking for a heating solution, you might be considering underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is a fantastic alternative to traditional radiators or hot air heating systems and comes with multiple benefits including:


Low-cost and energy efficient

At Hertz-Electrical, we are passionate about helping our customers live a more eco-friendly lifestyle by making smarter electrical choices. Underfloor heating is up to 25 per cent more efficient than a radiator system.

Comfortable and warm flooring

Underfloor heating solutions distribute heat evenly room-by-room, ensuring that your home is at a comfortable temperature throughout the day.

Can be controlled with smart technology

Thanks to smart technology, you can control the exact heat temperature of your underfloor heating and better still, manage which areas of your home are heated.

Low maintenance

When installed by professional electricians like ours at Hertz-Electrical, underfloor heating needs little to no maintenance, making it a great long-term and environmentally-friendly solution.

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Thanks to our convenient central location we are proud to be able to work with customers throughout Warwickshire.

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Electrical Services

Hertz Electrical Contractors pride ourselves on our energy and cost saving solutions for clients and customers. As the prices of energy rise, as does the importance of making sure you are not being wasteful with electricity.


Meet The Team

Your local underfloor heating electricians. We cover all of Warwickshire and surrounding Midlands areas including Rugby, Daventry, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Warwick and Coventry


Check out our frequently asked questions. As well as providing everyday electrical services to our customers, we are passionate about working with customers to find electrical solutions.

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